Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture

Black Butte freight office
Black Butte, CA. January, 1964. Photo by Richard Steinheimer, from the collection of Shirley Burman, used by permission

March 20, 2020 We hope all our friends are doing OK in this stressful and difficult period. We are still very much in winter here (low 20s last night and a foot of snow in the last week), which means that our facilities and capacities are very limited in comparison to the warmer months. All structures/heated spaces are spoken for and our small indoor kitchen is already over capacity. DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK AND NEED FOR QUARANTINE, THE BBCRC IS NOW CLOSED AND WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY SHORT TERM OR LONG TERM VISITORS. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP AT BBCRC WITHOUT INVITATION OR ADVANCE NOTICE AND CONSENT.

California is now under "shelter in place/stay at home" orders. It is not a good time to be rambling around for the fun of it. We recommend, for the good of yourselves and everybody in our community, that you stick close to your own main home/community/family as we work together to get through and resist this.

All planned events at BBCRC through June 30, 2020 are cancelled or postponed. The End of the Line moniker show planned for Railroad Days in June has been rescheduled for Dunsmuir Railroad Days next year (June 11-13, 2021).

Love you all and thanks for understanding!

BBCRC board of directors and resident collective

The Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture (BBCRC) preserves and promotes railroad culture by documenting and furthering the art, music, literature, community, and work of those who, historically and in modern times, travel or work on the railroads of North America. We are interested in railroad infrastructure, history, and operations, but also the human side of railroading. Several of our key supporters and board members are rail workers. We combine our core focus on railroad culture with inclusive community-building, local ecological conservation, sustainable food cultivation, and habitat restoration. The BBCRC has a nationwide constituency but also has close links to local institutions and people in and around Siskiyou County.

The BBCRC is based at Black Butte, a small rail junction on the outskirts of Weed, CA adjacent to the Union Pacific (former Southern Pacific) mainline at Milepost 345. The ex-Southern Pacific "Siskiyou Line", now operated by the Central Oregon and Pacific RR, diverges from the UP mainline at a wye just at the north end of our site. Across the tracks is the Black Butte water tank, a historic 1926 steam-era structure. We are located right at the base of Mt. Shasta, a 14,162' volcano, and just two miles from the trailhead for the 6325' high Black Butte plug-dome volcano. Our site includes a large compound as well as adjacent forest and wetland areas.

Since its establishment in 2007-8, the BBCRC has developed a library/info shop resource center, a creative arts gallery and work space, and an increasingly popular music performance spot in two historic 1920's-era boxcars. Three cabooses are also on the site. Ecological restoration work is ongoing. We host regular art, music, and other shows as well as other rail-oriented gatherings. For more info on the BBCRC and our specific projects click on the links above.

The Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture is an all volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation (EIN 26-1336678) run by a seven-person board of directors. BBCRC organizational and financial documents are available to the public on request. Our mailing address is 800 Black Butte Rd. Weed, California 96094. You can leave a message on our office phone at (530) 938-3856 or email us at