SP Business Car #109 "Shasta"
(site preparation and move)

We started out the site preparation for the move of SP #109 to Black Butte with some backhoe work, clearing, and leveling a site. We used Vern Swenson Excavating, a nearby contractor who has helped us out on many an occasion.

Union Pacific donated and delivered some now rare and hard to find 90 lb rail to us, pulled from a siding in Mt. Shasta, along with the appropriate tie plates which were found in Red Bluff.

After getting ties and ballast to our site, we had a track building party, making sure we kept the rails 4'" apart, spiking it all down and then shoveling many tons of ballast.

Nearing completion, our newly built 66' long track section.

On the morning of April 29th the #109 exited I-5 in South Weed with its journey almost complete.

Coming down Black Butte Road toward the compound.

After unloading the trucks [wheelsets], Carlton Crane prepares for the move of the 60,000 pound main car body, something that required two cranes, carefully spotted.

The Weed Press covered the story of the car's move to Black Butte.


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