Winter 2020 BBCRC Railcar Fundraiser

Throughout the summer and fall of 2019 BBCRC volunteers, including this signpainting crew working in October, kicked off the exterior restoration of our PFE reefer car.

Recently, BBCRC has taken on an ambitious series of restoration efforts to the Boxcar (Sacramento Northern #2349), Reefer car (Pacific Fruit Express #55224), "Shasta" Business Car (SP #109) and wood Caboose (GN X630), all of which are well on their way. However, we had a setback in November when a "Bomb Cyclone" storm dropped massive amounts of snow, and along with heavy winds, destroyed a number of items at BBCRC, blowing the metal roof from the Reefer Car [see the Images 2019 page]. The repairs required by this weather disaster, at a time when we are already in the middle of such an ambitious program of renovation for our fleet of unique and vulnerable wood railcars, adds up to serious logistical challenges and financial needs in 2020. Therefore, we have engaged in a Winter Fundraising Campaign. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to date. We now have some nice gifts available to those who support this campaign!

BBCRC members making emergency repairs to the PFE reefer roof on the Thanksgiving weekend after its metal roof was torn off due to high winds.

BBCRC is glad to announce that a special person has donated her father's entire collection of "date nails" to the BBCRC to assist us in this fundraising effort which in addition to hundreds of "raw" nails, includes more than 200 metal plated in either nickel, silver, or gold. Each plated date nail comes in a distinctive velvet lined box, complete with a "certificate of authenticity".

"Date Nails" are a piece of railroad history. Usually a few inches long, these stout little nails have oversized nail heads which bear the last two digits of the year in which each was hammered into a wooden railroad tie. That way, maintenance crews would know how many years that a specific tie had been in service, and thereby know when it would need to be changed out. With more modern processes in place, the use of such date nails fell out of favor and the practice was abolished a half century ago.

Thanks to this donation we offer our supporters the following options:

Donate $50 or more to the BBCRC and get your choice of either a silver-plated or a nickel-plated nail.

Donate $100 or more and get a nail of your choice (gold, silver, or nickel).

Donate $250 or more and get all three nails a nickel, a silver, and a gold!

If you have questions, or would like to see if we have a date nail of a specific year that is special to you, please contact Baltimore Red at who mails out the date nails. We are also happy to send date nails to those who have recently contributed this past Fall, just let Red know. Thanks!