Kris Loeppky National Monument

Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Kris Loeppky National Monument is currently closed to visitors. When it re-opens later in 2021 it will have limited hours and visitors wishing to visit the Monument will need to arrange this in advance through the BBCRC.

Among the lesser known of national monuments, but still loved by several dozen people, the Kris Loeppky National Monument (KLNM) is located on the grounds of the BBCRC and right next to the Utah Phillips flanger car project, operated by The Long Memory. Established in 2013 to honor the living legacy of Kris Loeppky and all that he has accomplished, the Monument attracts visitors from near and afar and has been featured in several evocative Instagram posts (#krisloeppkynationalmonument).

While some naysayers have tried to claim that there is "nothing there" at the KLNM, this photo shows the view of vintage cabooses and Mount Shasta available from the Monument grounds as well as the Monument's picnic and firepit area.

Facilities available at the KLNM include:

Picnic area

BBQ/fire pit (not available during fire season)


Scenic views of Mount Shasta, Black Butte, various railcars on the grounds of the BBCRC and a recently restored neighboring forest area

Prevalence of local native flora including Antelope Brush, Common Manzanita, Rabbit Brush, Ponderosa Pines, and a towering Incense Cedar

Birdwatching (see list of birds seen in the area at the Black Butte Bird List)

Camping (free but reservations required)

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Currently the KLNM is one of the lowest rated National Monuments, even lower than the Statute of Liberty, due to poor reviews submitted by a handful of malcontents

Southern Pacific Land Company sign discovered in the area in the course of forestry restoration activities. The KLNM sits adjacent to a Ponderosa Pine plantation undergoing long-term restoration, using thinning, prescribed fire and species diversification.

When visiting the Monument in summer and fall, please keep in mind the high potential for human caused wildfire that exists in this area!